A sensor from the CF4 and CF3 generation type contactor with float. Together, they can simultaneously provide on-site display and be connected to an electric receiver.

It can be installed on any cylindrical or box-like tank that is sheltered (daily vessels) for domestic fuel or other liquids (please specify when ordering).

Gauging of fuel or other type tanks up to a diameter or height of 3 meters, and all capacities and shapes.

Assembly on 50/60 (2") standard sleeve (please consult us for other tappings).
Two flush changeover contacts, and a pump control contact with 4A cutoff power. Direct display on large dial that is usually graduated in litres.
It can be used with an electric receiver, modules, or electronic switch boxes.
IP54 sensor head.
Sealing between the tank's interior and exterior is ensured by O-ring that resists up to 5 bar.

Operational principle
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