The CF4 type feed tank contactor is specially designed to meet the needs and conditions of use in fuel supply capacities for generator sets.

The C4 contactor controls pumps and has a safety contact at the upper and lower level, with the possibility of adding two additional contacts.
Among other features, it provides direct display on a large dial that is usually graduated in litres. It can be read on either side. The device can be assembled on the right or left of the feed tank, and requires no modification.

The contacts have a 4A cutoff capacity. All of the safety contacts have changeover cabling.

The device is assembled on a 147 mm diameter flange (included) that screws on to a standard 2" (50/60) sleeve with gas pipe thread, and placed on top of the vessel. A special seal groove flange with an O-ring can be included on request, for optimal sealing.

IP54 sensor head
Sealing between the tank's interior and exterior is ensured by O-ring that resists up to 5 bar.

Operational principle
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